Team Parenting

Team Parenting™ is the descriptive name given to the therapeutic fostering approach provided by FCA. Team Parenting™ was named as a concept and had its inception as a clearly formed framework in 2002, although it was being delivered prior to this time.

It is systemic in approach but with attachment theory at the core. It provides a collaborative intervention that is founded on the latest practice developments, as well as research in working with children/young people from traumatic, neglected and/or abusive backgrounds. Most notably it recognises that the carer is the agent of change in the life of a foster child and provides that care with a multi-disciplinary team to support the placement.

Our therapists play a central role in our Team Parenting® model. They ensure that other professionals, such as foster carers and social workers, understand how traumatic and abusive experiences can affect a young person, before educating them on how to respond therapeutically to a young person’s needs.




You can read more about it in our book: “Team parenting for Children in Foster Care: A Model for Integrated Therapeutic Care” – Jeanette Caw with Judy Sebba.