Safer Stronger Families Model

Our intensive family support multi-modal intervention model ‘Safer Stronger Families’ (SSF) is built on the firm evidence base of Triple P level 4, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Team Parenting.

In order to equip children, young people and their families with the skills and coping mechanisms to reduce unwanted behaviour, increase positive family functioning, and build their resilience, the model

  • follows an assertive outreach approach.
  • uses a systemic, strength-based approach.
  • allocates each family a dedicated Key Worker.

Our 12 week programme followed by a 10 week step down period will focus on those areas of need identified in a Family Action Plan and have the overall aim of creating resilience and self-confidence.

The Safer Stronger Families model, currently used in a number of our contracts, is built on a firm theoretical understanding of the underlying motivators which promote or inhibit capacity to change in families where there are concerns. Based on relevant research such as the Centre for Child and Family’s 2014 research into capacity to change, the model acknowledges that change can be hard and complex and while it can be supported through a multi-disciplinary approach, it cannot be imposed. Therefore, the cornerstone of our model is ensuring families take, and maintain ownership for their own plans.