Key Developmental Assets™

The KDA™ model is strengths based, and focuses on nurturing the positive experiences, relationships, opportunities, and personal qualities that young people need to grow into healthy, caring, and responsible adults.

The framework is grounded in research on child and adolescent development, risk prevention, and resiliency. Asset building is about fostering relationships which can help a young person succeed. The 20 key Developmental Assets™ are informed by the work of the Search Institute but following considerable stakeholder involvement with caregivers, children and practitioners over a two year period, the 20 KDA™ are unique.

KDA is our method of assessing outcomes and making sure we’re doing all we can for children and young people – by identifying and nurturing the experiences, relationships and opportunities that allow them to grow into healthy and happy adults. Used extensively in our overseas operations, it provides a really comprehensive picture, bringing together a number of considerations in the child’s life on a daily basis.

KDA focuses on addressing the needs of each and every child – celebrating their individual development and showing us what else we can do to bring about positive and lasting change.