Social value

Core Assets Group is driven by its social mission. Our companies work hard to bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the local communities we operate in.

Interventions and the efficacy of them is hard to equate to a social cost benefit, this under researched subject led us to create a hugely successful research partnership with Oxford University, to ensure a sector wide and governmental focus on the efficacy of foster care and education on children’s lives.

Our overall impact on the sector in the UK and other countries is ground breaking and our corporate endeavours are realised by our staff who add social value every day.

More for communities

We help local authorities, central government and health services to make places better. We work in communities, with communities. You’ll find us in community centres, children’s centres and family homes.

We work with vulnerable people who need help to avoid the social care, criminal justice, health and mental health systems. Our services help people with education and employment. We enable children and young people to become independent, productive adults.

Every pound saved from the social care, criminal justice and health systems is another pound that can be used to make places better.

More for individuals

We employ, train and develop more than 4,000 employees. When we deliver a local service, we employ local people. We use a local base and invest in local staff. Commissioners know that their budgets are benefiting their taxpayers.

Our training and development programmes increase the skills and resilience of each area’s workforce. We recruit local foster carers to look after local children, who use local services and resources, keeping the economic benefit of the investment in the area.

When they’re ready, some of the children and young people we work with might become Core Assets apprentices or join our team of care-experienced mentors, helping other children and young people to take the opportunities we offer.

More for everyone

Core Assets Group is a leader in environmental responsibility. All of our work is undertaken according to the highest principles and standards of environmental management.

We do the simple things well. We use Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) paper and card, we utilise a fleet of low emission hybrid vehicles, and we’ve firmly embedded the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ ethos in our culture.

We do the pioneering things too. Our flexible home working practice plus the use of the latest technology enables access to data securely from any location, attend virtual meetings and record outcomes remotely, reducing our carbon footprint now and for the future.