Foster Care Associates Scotland

FCA Scotland, operating from its head office in Glasgow and with offices in Steppes, Prestwick, Rosyth (Fife) and Aberdeen, provides the highest levels of support to our carers and the children they look after. With one of the lowest carer to social worker ratios in the industry, we will work side by side with you to provide the support you need to become successful in your role as a foster carer. We also provide local support groups where carers can talk confidentially and offer each other advice and reassurance.

We offer a competitive package of financial support and a wealth of extra benefits including up to 14 days paid respite per year and free membership to FosterTalk. This provides free legal and financial advice, regular promotional offers and a quarterly magazine.

As one of the largest fostering agencies in Scotland, we work closely with local authorities, receiving regular referrals for new foster placements each week. As a result, over 95% of children placed with our carers have been settled for 6 months or longer.

We have a packed calendar of local and national events that all our fostering families are invited to attend. In addition to our annual international football tournament and our national singing contest, you’ll find our carers and young people in theme parks, zoos, bowling alleys, campsites, beaches and forests taking part in a whole host of activities. It’s really important that children in foster care and children whose parents foster have the chance to talk to each other and know that there are others in the same situation, so, we also run groups and activities just for young people

“I could not be more pleased about the progress B and K have achieved under the guidance of T and M.”
Birth parent