Adopters for Adoption

Adopters for Adoption is an adoption agency set up to have a positive impact on the way people are supported to become adoptive parents.

Our whole approach is based on the first-hand experience our team have of adopting. We know exactly what it’s like to go through the process and want to ensure that this is a positive experience for others, where people are more important than the process.

As well as improving the way adopters are recruited, prepared and assessed, we also deliver comprehensive post-adoption services to ensure our adopters are supported every step of the way.

We’re committed to ensuring that adoption is a real possibility for all children regardless of their age, needs or ability. Our staff are experienced adoption social workers who will draw down on the latest research and best practice. They will help and guide adopters from the outset of their journey and provide lifelong support.

Our registered office in Bromsgrove supports a national network of experienced staff.

“What an amazing outcome after being approved only in November. We feel truly blessed”
Adopter, Thames Valley

“There is no greater feeling of joy than giving a home to two little boys who, at just three years old, were already bouncing around the care system”
Adopter, Birmingham