Active Care Solutions

Our faith-based fostering service offers culturally-sensitive placements to children and young people from all backgrounds. We’re here to help children and young people in care reach their full potential.

Our goal is simple – to give every child we care for the best start in life by placing them with foster carers who can provide a caring home, as well as meeting their individual cultural and religious needs. We believe every child deserves to grow up in a loving, nurturing family home – somewhere they can feel valued and have their own identity. That’s why we’re the only independent fostering agency providing bespoke cultural and faith-based foster placements.

What makes us different?

We don’t just celebrate cultural diversity, we put it at the centre of everything we do. We specialise in faith-based foster placements and our multi-disciplinary team come from a diverse range of backgrounds.

As an agency, we speak over seven languages, including those spoken by Indian and Pakistani communities, as well as many European languages. We can even support our foster carers to write reports and assessments if English isn’t their first language.

We believe the key to great foster care comes from consistent open communication and strong relationships. By working together, we can achieve more. That’s why we get to know our foster carers and tailor our support to ensure each of our carers gets the most from their fostering experience.

From training courses on different religions and cultures to support groups for carers to share their insight and experiences, our specialist package of training and support develop the skills and knowledge needed to help a child to thrive.

“When I attended the ACS support group I was pleasantly surprised at the range of carers that attended. Also, the calibre, commitment and spirits of the carers were very high.”
Social Worker and Fostering Service Coordinator