In action

After 24 years of working with Children and Young People, we have a breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise. We are leading the way, with our pioneering evidence based services.

Providing quality needs-led services that make a positive and lasting difference to children, families and the community is at the heart of Core Assets. Central to its success is the rigorous application of governance, risk management principles and practice across the entire group.

Working together

We have a clear, ambitious vision for children and young people, founded upon the belief that stability and permanence not only supports but enhances their life chances. Key to this is the integration of the networks of professionals surrounding the child, and the effectiveness of their work together.

We have been helping people become extraordinary foster carers for over 23 years. We know how important it is for foster parents to have the right support, training and experience to do the absolute best for the young people in their lives.

FCA developed Team Parenting™ as a systemic, resilience and strengths based therapeutic approach centering on the needs of the child/young person in placement by considering the whole placement context as a dynamic process of family/professional interactions and relationships and ultimately supporting stability

Supporting Families

Our Safer Stronger Families programme helps to keep families together by promoting the development and maintenance of positive, nurturing relationships within their homes, specifically targeting families and young people at risk of becoming looked after and by providing support to teenagers already in the care system to return home.

Where kinship care is the best option for a child or young person, we support the stability of such placements through our case management delivery, currently this model is used across England, enabling children to gain permanence in the right setting for them.

Our Adoption Agency, launched in 2014 with funding from the DfE, is uniquely led by people with first-hand experience of adoption and is drawing on the family support expertise from across the group

Our Safeguarding services range from the delivery of Statutory Social Work Services for British Forces in Germany, to our Intensive Family Support Services and Domestic Violence Programmes across England


By using different funding models, Social Investment in particular, and adhering to our Team Parenting model, we have been able to take steps towards permanence and provide stability for children and young people, particularly those in residential care who had previously been deemed unsuitable for fostering.

Through Outcomes for Children, we have developed outcomes based commissioning models using Social Impact Bonds for a range of community based services.