Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance guidelines are there to make sure that the interests of our organisation and people are protected through principles of integrity, transparency, accountability and strong leadership.

Our award-winning risk management approaches are delivered consistently across our International portfolio and upon mobilisation of service delivery contracts. This covers but is not restricted to the following

  • Legal: claims, contract requirements, copyright and governance
  • Data and information security
  • Business continuity planning
  • Health and safety
  • Response to operational risk
  • Compliance with legal regulatory requirements
  • Regular risk awareness training to all staff

Managing Risk

The Groups overall objective for managing risk is to ensure children, foster carers, service users, staff and the organisation are safeguarded in line statute and with the organisations vision to make a positive and lasting difference for children and families,

  • Encouraging pro-active management by identifying risks and treating them effectively
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements
  • Improving governance, stakeholder confidence and internal controls
  • Management of supply chain compliance

These objectives can be achieved by ensuring there is risk management framework in place. The framework includes a strategy for managing risk which will be achieved through:

  • A regular sub-committee meeting consisting of the CEO’s of all the companies in the Group to oversee risk management
  • A Risk Management policy that is reviewed at least annually
  • A corporate risk register to record all risks with reporting of extreme/high risks being escalated to the sub-committee
  • Six monthly reviews of the corporate risk register
  • Using a risk management portal for reporting strategic and operational risks
  • Regular training and communication to embed risk management into the culture of the organization